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Invisalign® at Narrogin Dental Group

Have you ever seen someone who showed off a perfect smile and thought, “Wow; why don’t my teeth look like that?” Nobody is born with teeth that are beautifully aligned. Thanks to advances in dentistry, however, you can achieve that gorgeous appearance without resorting to metal braces.

The Clear Choice in Orthodontics

Mother and daughter hugging and smilingInvisalign is a world-renowned orthodontic system that utilises clear aligners. Its many advantages include:

  • Transparency
  • Reduced checkup visits
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Don’t compromise your oral health
  • No painful wires involved
  • Freedom to remove them as you wish

More than 5.5 million people all around the globe have used Invisalign and are thrilled with the way their teeth look after treatment. The aligners can be easily removed to brush, floss, eat meals or even for a social event, making them an extremely convenient option. They’re appropriate for adults and teens alike and can correct mild to moderate problems with your teeth.

What to Expect With Invisalign Treatment

The first step is to be evaluated by dentist Dr Suzy Koppolu. She’ll have a look at your teeth, discuss what you would like to achieve and determine if you’re a candidate for Invisalign. If so, the next step is to gather information. Impressions and other data are necessary to have your sets of aligners custom-created at the Invisalign lab. At Narrogin Dental Group we use advanced 3D technology to show you how your teeth will shift with each new aligner set until you reach your goals.

The Invisalign laboratory will fabricate your aligners, then send them back to our practice. You’ll begin wearing them for 22 hours a day, switching to a new set of aligners at regular intervals. We’ll see you for a checkup about every 6-8 weeks to ensure your treatment is progressing as needed. You’ll typically be able to start viewing the changes within just a couple of months of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of problems can Invisalign address?

Invisalign is appropriate for many oral health concerns. These include overbite, underbite, crossbite, gap teeth, open bite and crowded teeth. If left untreated, each of these issues can cause a ripple effect that will affect your self-esteem and the health of your entire mouth.

Is Invisalign right for teenagers?

Invisalign can be worn by teenagers and adults alike. The results of the Invisalign Teen® Confidence Survey show that, without question, metal braces cause low self-esteem in teens throughout Australia. Invisalign Teen clear aligners are a fantastic alternative.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes. Having payment plans available means it’s easier for more people in our community to access the dental care they require. We work with National Dental Plan and MySmilePlan. To apply and be approved for these takes just a few moments. We’ll give you the information you need to get started.

Schedule Your Consultation With Us

Are you ready to learn more about treatment with Invisalign Narrogin? We’re here for you. Contact our friendly team today to make your booking! We’re open late and have flexible payment plans available.

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