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Dr Suzy Koppolu (Dentist)

Dr Suzy Koppolu, DentistDr Suzy began considering a career in dentistry when she was quite young. She watched her grandmother have her teeth pulled and fitted with a denture. Throughout the process, she saw the physical and emotional toll it took. Dr Suzy wondered how it could have been avoided with preventative care.

Her interests drove her to pursue a career in dentistry. Dr Suzy’s vision allowed her to incorporate that same preventative mindset into a care strategy for others.

Education and Training

In 2005, Dr Suzy received her Bachelor of Dental Sciences from RGUHS University in India. In 2010, she moved to Australia and passed her dental exams. She is an active member of the ADA. Dr Suzy completed training in 2014 to become a certified Invisalign® provider.

What She Loves About Dentistry

Dr Suzy’s favourite part of her job is seeing people who are scared of dentists or have a high level of anxiety. She loves changing their smile and perception of care by relieving their pain and enhancing their health. She says the smile on their face after treatments like Invisalign or custom dentures is priceless.

She provides a comprehensive range of family and cosmetic dental services. As a family dentist, Dr Suzy focuses on seeing patients ages 2 and up. By facilitating a calm, relaxing atmosphere, she believes she can help change people’s perception of dentistry as a whole.

Outside of Work

Dr Suzy and her husband Dr Vivek (Viv) Alagati (Dentist) are the busy parents of two beautiful young children. They enjoy taking holidays together and spending time camping. When it comes to free time, her family always comes first.

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