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Scale and Cleans/Checkups at Narrogin Dental Group

It’s easier to prevent an oral health concern from occurring than to treat it once it’s set in. That’s why we talk to all of our patients about their brushing and flossing habits. The other component of making sure your teeth and gums stay healthy is to have regular checkups at Narrogin Dental Group.

What to Expect

Woman admiring dental work in mirrorAt your checkups, we’ll look at your teeth and gums. Then, a cleaning referred to as a scale and clean is performed, removing plaque buildup and leaving your teeth smooth and brightened. Though your brushing and flossing is vital, it cannot remove all of the buildup on your teeth alone. Only a professional dental cleaning can do so.

During your appointment, the following will be performed:

  • An evaluation of each of your teeth
  • An assessment of your gum health
  • Checking for signs of oral diseases such as cancer or periodontal disease
  • A scale and clean
  • A discussion of your oral hygiene techniques
  • Any product recommendations you can benefit from

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I come in for my dental checkups?

Most people need to visit the dentist for their routine checkups twice a year. These biyearly appointments ensure we catch any potential problems early on. If you have an oral health concern such as gum disease, however, we may recommend that you see us more frequently.

What if I need or want further treatment?

You’ll discuss your goals with your dentist before we get started. If you would like to have a procedure such as teeth whitening, just let us know and we’ll make sure that you’re a candidate. If we find that you require another of our many services, we’ll discuss what we think and recommend with you. You’ll be given all possible options so that you can decide what you would like to do.

When should my children come in for checkups?

We provide a range of children’s dentistry services, including checkups and scale and cleans for children. We recommend that they begin to see us for their regular visits shortly after their first teeth erupt.

Book a Convenient Appointment

We have late opening hours and are here for you on Saturdays. Contact Narrogin Dental Group today to schedule your time for checkups/scale and cleans Narrogin!

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